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  • SECTOR-1, PANCHKULA Sector-1 Panchkula
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Food Type : Not Specified
Catering : Both In House and Outdoor
Drinks : Not Specified
AC: Not Specified
Seating Capacity : -
Parking : Available

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Below listed prices are excluding all taxes. Menu prices will be varies depending on guest requirment and number of people.

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About Red Bishop

Red Bishop is conveniently located in Sector-1 , Panchkula. This can cater in house as well as outdoor. This has ample parking facilities. Red Bishop for Weddings, Marriages, Birthdays, Coporate meeetings, Naming Ceremonies, Get-togethers, Wedding Receptions, Engagements, Betrothal Ceremonies, New Year Parties and Family Reunions.

.      Red Bishop (10 km from Chandigarh): This is a pleasant retreat in Panchkula, suited to meet the needs of one and all. It’s surrounded by lush green lawns and has well-decorated rooms, multi-cuisine restaurant and a well stocked bar. The Banquet hall comes with a stylish look and can accommodate about 900 persons. It is a popular venue for hosting marriages, receptions and parties. A spacious Conference hall in the Complex is well-furnished to meet all needs of any meeting or conference. The Committee room is equipped with latest paraphernalia to make every event a success. The state-of-the-art Convention Centre, located on NH-22, it is built in modern style and is equipped with kitchen/pantry services along with an outdoor kitchen for lawn parties. Its lush green lawns are ideally suited for hosting outdoor parties. For the convenience of guests, there are four elegant bedrooms. Uninterrupted power supply and adequate parking area make this Convention Centre just the perfect choice for all events! 

Terms and Conditions



Besides charging the amount mentioned above, following facilities will also be allowed and following terms and conditions be followed strictly:-

1.    In lieu of payment of Lawn charges @ Rs.0.76 Lacs to Rs. 1.00 Lacs, three rooms be provided  on complimentary basis subject to the availability of rooms.

2.    In lieu of payment of Lawn charges @ Rs.0.51 Lacs to Rs. 0.75 Lacs, two rooms be provided  on complimentary basis subject to the availability of rooms.

3.    In lieu of payment of Lawn charges @ Rs.0.25 Lacs to Rs. 0.50 Lacs, one room be provided on complimentary basis subject to the availability of room.

4.    Generator Set for Electricity will be arranged by the party concerned booking the lawn for his private catering.  Further sub meter will be got installed by the DDO concerned at the cost of the private party for working out the consumption of electricity in a lawn party, in case the connection is taken from the Complex of HTC electric connection and accordingly DDO will  be responsible for the recovery of electricity charges from the party.

5.    Tentage for the party will be arranged by the organizer himself at his own cost.

6.    Temporary space in a corner for kitchen will be provided/earmarked by the DDO concerned for the purpose.

7.    Tariff card of lawn charges be got suitably designed and printed, which must highlight the complimentary rooms being provided by HTC.

8.    DDO concerned to ensure that after the catering, the lawn must be cleaned.



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