why to celebrate birthday

Why celebrate one’s Birthday?

why to celebrate birthdayDifferent people will give you different perspectives on reasons as to why we celebrate birthdays. Here’s a philosophical take on the answer for a commonly asked question, “Why should we celebrate our birthday?”

The Journey of life starts when a human being is sent to mother earth on a day that is decided by powers beyond our control. Many believe that humans can only shape parts of this journey, and the rest is controlled by the powers who sent us here. Another interesting aspect is that one can’t choose their parents, or siblings or place of birth it is all pre-planned and executed by the same powers. Another fact is that, one can only remember and celebrate the day of birth, while you are going on this beautiful journey of life. Given this fact, it would be a missed opportunity, if one chooses to neglect the day it all began – the “Birth Day”.

KarmaKarma in human Life

When you arrive, you are nurtured, and prepared for many years until your adulthood, so that you are ready and able to perform the duties of a human being also called as “Karma” in Hinduism. While performing this “Karma”; human beings are given the opportunity to pamper themselves with love, wealth and pleasures; some temporary and some long term. This is probably done to keep us motivated to continue to perform our duties productively and genuinely. By virtue of performing these duties, one can achieve and become whatever they desire. You can become a doctor, engineer,or anything set your mind to.

Importance of Birthday celebration

Birthday PartiesThe key is to remember that, all this started with your Birth, on a day and time, called your Birth Day. It is also believed that this is a journey with a purpose. Utmost happiness during this journey can be achieved if one understands the nature of this journey. So one should set aside a day to revisit and see the experiences of life, take a break, celebrate birthday and see where tweaks can be made for a better future. Also a good reason to meet family, new and old friends, reconnect and enjoy being with them.Celebrate yourself and everyone else whenever you can, to say thanks to all those who have made positive difference in your life; your parents, friends, loved ones.

So be a good human being, enjoy the pleasures – and commemorate your arrival day – your Birthday!

Treat yourself or be treated on your birthday celebration.

Cheers; and if this is your arrival day, then Happy Birthday to you.

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