What a year 2016? Marriages! Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore

WOW – what a year – aren’t we glad 2016 is behind us. By far 2016 was not so cheerful year from several perspectives; not so sure if most people noticed it. In the recent years, most notably; this was one of the by far bloody years. Here is why – people thought holocaust will never happen; however – lakhs of people died in Syria in this year. No one seems to bother. This and several other events in the world had deep impact on how people celebrate their social events and the happy occasions.

Game Changing year for Party Halls in Bangalore

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
Cool ride …just the beginning …. 🙂

In India, amazing things have happened– one is demonetization; which, in a way changed the game for the Party Halls in Bangalore. We are so used to pay by cash – especially for social events – no one likes to keep a record or update the TAX man about our spending; we just don’t like it. From centuries and in the recent decades we have been having lots of FUN celebrating all kids of occasions – where we pay by CASH and disappear; no trace or record. Those days’ looks like are gone by or at the least getting tougher– as the thought of paying by cheque or card is still frightening for many people; or at the best can get them into trouble. The TAX man is looking over the shoulders, trying to see who is spending on what and how. All this is new for us just not our usual life style or the way we conduct ourselves in spending or amassing wealth.

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
WOW….so many people are watching us

Having said this;  unlike the west, we have our own way to figure out things – get around in doing things in our own style or in the inherited habitual ways. Evidence to this is so glaring – it would be impossible to spend close to $100 million on a wedding and get away without much of an accountability. We all know one such wedding happened in the famous Banquet Halls of Bangalore; where one of the mining baron’s daughter wedding took place. Even managing to pay all those people involved at a time where there are long lines for cash in front of ATMs and banks. Quite amazing isn’t, can be baffling for a common man or for someone from west. This is what I mean, when I say we have our own way of getting around – this is going on for decades. Rich and poor have been findings ways to get around the system to lead their lives or do things in our own usual ways.

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
So biggggg Ladoo …..
What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
I am just on the TOP OF THE WORLD!!

In contrast, some elites and true intellectuals are finding their own way around this – for example recently two IAS officers from AP decided to get married with just Rs. 500. What a contrast; we truly know how to get around.  Dr Ashish Vashishta tied the knot with Saloni Sidana; both IAS officers, by paying a court fee of Rs 500. How nice, fulfilling, I bet beautiful and such a contrast.


We know how to manage, we have our own ways to celebrate in our own style – and pomp. Just unparalleled to the other parts of the world. This may be a transitioning time for the Party Halls in Bangalore; however these amazing Banquet Halls in Bangalore will find more ways to help people celebrate! Hopefully not breaking too many rules, instead continue to create more memorable moments for the people.

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