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What does Selfish Mean?

Selfish! I am sure most of us immediately associate to people who only think about themselves and is self-centred to the core, who will think of only their benefits in all circumstances. Antonym of selfish is being selfless, wow! We applaud such people who think only about others and always keep others happy; sounds great! Selfless and selfish being two extremes.
I have been trying to deeply infer the concept of being selfish. I realised I have to look into myself deeper and self-realization is required. As I ventured into this and started understanding, I felt being selfish is nothing but “self”-ish.

Here what I mean being “self”-ish is nothing but you are being yourself or “self”-ish. Not getting influenced by others and not changing your opinion to please others, but to have your own strong opinion. There is another side of being selfish where you look selfish to people because you are trying to be practical and satisfied with your actions that make you feel worthy and reasonable, but it does not please people.
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Being Selfish with Yourself

By being “self”-ish, you try to have your own influence on the world, not compromising just to keep others happy; I understand this is actually far from reality for many.
Being selfless is equally good when compared to being “self”-ish, just like two sides of the same coin, but being selfless to what extent definitely matters.
It is prudent when you compromise on small things to keep others happy around you and let go things to keep the relationship intact, but each one of us need to have our own opinion and importantly have the fortitude to stick on to it!
Here being selfish or selfless is not in context to materialistic fundamentals. It is about better understanding of “yourself.”
It is about acquiring the rules, morals, perceptions and opinions and all these parameters in sync makes our “SELF.”
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself; self-ish!”
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Love Yourself So You Can Love Others!

Being “self”-ish is extremely difficult. We may get unhinged from many people in our life, we may be disliked by many, but it will derive us the true meaning of our existence.
Veritably, a perfect blend of being selfless and “self”-ish makes one a perfect adult, nothing but a well-developed complete understanding of who you are!
“Self”-ish people never regret since they have their own understanding of things with no ambiguity and are grounded.
So next time before we tag someone as selfish, let us give it a thought if they are selfish or “self”-ish. A person who is “self”-ish can never tag someone and all that it costs is better understanding of oneself and respect others for their-self.
“You being yourself, allows others to be themselves!”
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Spread This Love with Friends and Family at Party Halls in Rajajinagar

Let us have better understanding of being oneself and we will be more authentic and happier and resultantly, this world will be a better place to live in for everyone.
“Be what you are! That is the first step towards becoming better than you are.”
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