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Take Care of Yourself, Be ‘Self’-ish! Celebrate Life’s Greatest Moments at Party Halls in Rajajinagar!

What does Selfish Mean?

Selfish! I am sure most of us immediately associate to people who only think about themselves and is self-centred to the core, who will think of only their benefits in all circumstances. Antonym of selfish is being selfless, wow! We applaud such people who think only about others and always keep others happy; sounds great! Selfless and selfish being two extremes.
I have been trying to deeply infer the concept of being selfish. I realised I have to look into myself deeper and self-realization is required. As I ventured into this and started understanding, I felt being selfish is nothing but “self”-ish.

Here what I mean being “self”-ish is nothing but you are being yourself or “self”-ish. Not getting influenced by others and not changing your opinion to please others, but to have your own strong opinion. There is another side of being selfish where you look selfish to people because you are trying to be practical and satisfied with your actions that make you feel worthy and reasonable, but it does not please people.
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Being Selfish with Yourself

By being “self”-ish, you try to have your own influence on the world, not compromising just to keep others happy; I understand this is actually far from reality for many.
Being selfless is equally good when compared to being “self”-ish, just like two sides of the same coin, but being selfless to what extent definitely matters.
It is prudent when you compromise on small things to keep others happy around you and let go things to keep the relationship intact, but each one of us need to have our own opinion and importantly have the fortitude to stick on to it!
Here being selfish or selfless is not in context to materialistic fundamentals. It is about better understanding of “yourself.”
It is about acquiring the rules, morals, perceptions and opinions and all these parameters in sync makes our “SELF.”
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself; self-ish!”
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Love Yourself So You Can Love Others!

Being “self”-ish is extremely difficult. We may get unhinged from many people in our life, we may be disliked by many, but it will derive us the true meaning of our existence.
Veritably, a perfect blend of being selfless and “self”-ish makes one a perfect adult, nothing but a well-developed complete understanding of who you are!
“Self”-ish people never regret since they have their own understanding of things with no ambiguity and are grounded.
So next time before we tag someone as selfish, let us give it a thought if they are selfish or “self”-ish. A person who is “self”-ish can never tag someone and all that it costs is better understanding of oneself and respect others for their-self.
“You being yourself, allows others to be themselves!”
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Spread This Love with Friends and Family at Party Halls in Rajajinagar

Let us have better understanding of being oneself and we will be more authentic and happier and resultantly, this world will be a better place to live in for everyone.
“Be what you are! That is the first step towards becoming better than you are.”
Celebrate your self-worth in abundance with all your near and dear ones at party halls in Rajajinagar, party halls in Rajajinagar will procure to your needs and indulge you in enticing distinctive food with imperial ambience.
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All You Need is Love to Celebrate at Party Halls in Rajajinagar!

Love! All of us need it! It is an enigmatic feeling. Life revolves around love, the centrifugal force. Love is the fundamental concept of the universe and our existence! Love is like a bridge connecting two souls. Love grows you as a person. It’s a beautiful feeling when experienced with an unblemished heart.
Party Halls in Rajajinagar
We idealize love, love for God, for parents, for siblings our children and the most important love for the life partner. When we bestow love and we reap love, it makes you feel at top of the world, incredible!
Love gives hope and dreams, while hatred only reaps destruction.
Love is a supreme force of motivation in life. We struggle and strive in life just to attain all the good things in life, certainly to keep people around us happy.
Party Halls in Rajajinagar

Love is Fathomless, a Unique Emotion Evoking Unparalleled Happiness!

The love we receive from our life partner, completes us gives meaning to our existence that is worth living for. Life partner is the one who lives for us, other relationships will have their endemic priorities at different stages of life, and it’s unquestionably righteous. Other relationships are like branches of a tree whereas the love for the life partner is like the trunk of the tree. Let us get to the roots of it, we need to love ourselves most importantly and love for the god, universe is like the nourishment to the roots.

When we love ourselves, we can love others ,and will find all the love one needs in life!
Love comes with a sequence of hope, dreams expectations and sometimes also pain. If the roots are strong the pain can be dealt with a positive demeanour.
Love is a reason to be happy in life. Love builds us. When we love people in our life, we are at our best.
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Love Yourself, You are the Best!

Be the best you can be! Only you have the power to do it, just do it!
Nurture your body, mind and spirit. Forgive yourself and respect yourself and everyone around you. When you love yourself unconditionally, you will be surprised to see yourself surrounded with love! All other relationships will transform miraculously. Forgive people who have hurt you, but don’t let them hurt you again, detach from the relationships that gives you continual pain.

“Respect yourself to move away from things that no longer grows you!”
You can only render what you possess, so capacitate your soul, with appreciation, love and respect, and forgiveness, to be others strength.
In a nutshell, self-love is the blueprint of happiness.
Enjoy each day of your life, embrace life with open arms, and be the best of “you”! Love everything around you, admire the beauty of the nature, good people around you, smallest things that makes you smile, do all the craziest things in your wish list, never hold back FOR WE LIVE ONCE AND ONLY ONCE!

“Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, be whatever, because life is too short to be anything but happy!”

Live Your Life with Love by Celebrating at Party Halls in Rajajinagar

Celebrate love in your life, rejoice your existence gift yourself the happiness you deserve, treat yourself, with all the lovely people in your life at Party Halls in Rajajinagar, Party Halls in Rajajinagar would love to scatter sunshine in your celebrations, by serving you well- seasoned, enticing food options with stunning and fascinating ambiance!
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Celebrate Heavenly Married Life at Party Halls in Yelahanka!

Marriages are made in heaven! This is one of the most common epigram we grew up with and in reality inferred the depth of it once we ourselves got drenched in this showers of marriage. Sometimes soothing and beautiful, and at times with lightning and thunders!

Game of Truth & Dare!

Marriage! It’s a reality check, can be either ways, WAS THIS made in heaven? Or THIS WAS made in heaven WOW!! It’s up to you where you want to fit in, or sometimes destiny plays a big role here…

Party Halls in Yelahanka


Every girl has lot of dreams about her marriage and her life partner, well that’s the case with every man too! Marriage is just like a dish visible in the recipe book, looks extremely attractive, seductive, but dear friends, the game starts once you start cooking it, try to replicate it, you play with the ingredients, you get the taste of it!

In arranged marriages both are as good as aliens to one another. Connecting with each other takes oodles of tough grind! And sometimes it fails in spite of all the hard work, so let’s focus on positive aspects!

Well, we Indian women are trained and drilled to adjust and compromise with all the negatives, inherently it gets transformed as our ambition in life to be a very good wife, daughter in law, too many designations!!

Marriage is undoubtedly beautiful fundamentally. It’s such a wonderful and marvelous theory. There is no perfect marriage so don’t get locked up with negativity. It starts as strangers and gradually fall in love each day that keeps growing, and end up being each other’s world. It’s amazing!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Growing Together, a Gift From the Universe!

A happy marriage is not based on the number of days, months or years been together, a happy marriage is about how much you love each other everyday!
This process will have lots of ups & downs, while we struggle to understand each other’s likes and dislikes. We try to show our best to each other and impress initially and gradually that will lead us to being depressed! We need to gather ourselves and not give up and keep experimenting. If we are lucky it just clicks, the connection is strong, intact shatterproof.
There are few key ingredients that adds up to strengthening of the bond, like mutual respect ,and appreciating each other, specially women love to be complimented and appreciated!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Gratitude is the Best Attitude!

Life partner is someone who loves, understands and cherishes you more than anyone else. Choose to show gratitude and thank each other for making life more meaningful and works like magic! Women want their husbands to listen to them, It’s not about solving the problem, but it’s about listening. Just like electronic gadgets we need to charge our relationship keep inducing love, romance, faith and trust in it regularly. There are two most important factors FAITH AND FORGIVENESS, marriage will not work without both!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

When a husband puts his wife first, above everyone & everything except god, it gives his wife the sense of security and honour that every wife hungers for!
Marriage is a promise you make to prioritize each other, and one should honour that. Communicate with each other transparently whether you both agree upon something or not is secondary! In fact words don’t kill the relationship, it’s the silence after the words are said kills it, don’t let that silence prolong and grow like cancer in your body and kill your healthy relationship.
In order to keep the love ignited and live happily learn to accept your spouse the way they are, I know its not easy sometimes just impossible. But for all this to work the core ingredient is make the right choice! Marry the right person, let’s be factual!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Celebrate Your Marriage at Party Halls in Yelahanka

Celebrate your togetherness with Party Halls in Yelahanka that will aid you to reignite love in your life, Party Halls in Yelahanka will avail you with food loaded with love and delight, and the ambiance will stimulate you to recollect your honeymoon days!
Book My Function will partner with you to connect to the right venue, like a faithful and sincere partner, to celebrate your life with your life partner!

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Party Halls in Electronic City

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Happy 71st Independence Day, Let’s Celebrate our Freedom at Party Halls in Electronic City!

“Freedom requires that you discover your own vision, inner language, your own life rules, your own vision!”

As we celebrate 70 years of freedom as a nation, we must ponder as to whether we know what this freedom is, and if we are leading our life with freedom!
Freedom! Sounds good and positive! Each one of us have our own definition and concept of freedom.
It’s basically the choice we make in life, our decision making, to be more relevant, it’s directly proportional to our society!

Freedom has a broad spectrum, as kids we heard our parents saying that we have been given the complete freedom, as we grew older, we heard it more often.
But let us be factual and candid, does our society actually gives us the freedom to live?
Freedom is like oxygen of the soul!

Freedom has many ingredients like freedom of thought, freedom to live the way you want to, freedom of soul, and many more…Freedom is also how we react to counteractions of the society.
Let us inquest ourselves, are we giving people around us the freedom they rightfully deserve by not being judgemental about others choice. I strongly believe, the root cause of all the dilemma , and botheration in one’s life, making it more complicated is none other than the society factor.

This independence day let us take an oath, to give people around us the complete freedom, in true sense!
There are two forms of Freedom, one that people around give us and the other one, more significant, is the one we have to gift ourselves with by not dwelling on negativities!
We get caught up with negativities, negative people around us that piles up and we unintentionally get tangled up, make life miserable.

Party Halls in Electronic City

We need to break open that shell and live!
Live a positive life, life with Freedom, free from fear of life, lead a free-flowing life.
Our constitution gives us the freedom of speech, but practically, we sometimes, contaminate others life with our wrong words, let us use our speech and words to heal …not give bruise to others. Let us be more responsible with our Freedom element!

Party Halls in Electronic City

Significance of August 15th

On August 15th, we celebrate our 70 years of freedom that we got after plentiful years of struggle, that’s inestimable!
Independence day is not just about celebrating our freedom, there is lot more to it, let us implement it in a distinctive way this year.
It’s a day to say thank you to our freedom fighters and our soldiers protecting our motherland.

We need to inspire our younger generations to be a responsible citizen, add on to the glory of our nation, strive to create a better tomorrow!
Our younger generation have to understand the sacrifice our soldiers make to safeguard us, to give us a peaceful life.
Every soldier is a truly a hero!

Celebrate Independence Day at Party Halls in Electronic City

Let us celebrate freedom in our life with Party Halls in Electronic City, which will provide all the necessary amenities! Delicious catering, exquisite decoration, and wonderful staff are available at all Party Halls in Electronic City. On this August 15th, say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai!” and celebrate our independence at Party Halls in Electronic City!

Bring Happiness and Good Health Into Your Life! Celebrate Life’s Moments at Party Halls in MG Road!

Good health and a Fit Body is God’s Gift!

Healthy body is Gods gift but trying to maintain it is our gift to God!
A great way to say thanks to universe for the wonderful life!
In todays lifestyle we play multiple roles and it leaves us fatigued and stressed. To stay healthy, eating healthy is the main mantra! Eating healthy not only keeps our body fit but our brain as well. Being physically and mentally fit is most required to lead a quality life.

Party Halls in MG Road
Homegrown Vegetables are Free of Pesticides, and will nourish you from the inside!

Awareness, is the first step, we should know what we are feeding our body with. We have to be role models to our kids, by eating healthy, and inspiring them to do so, we create a healthier tomorrow! There has been an alarming rise in obesity in school going children and teens. We as parents need to encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities, get involved with them. Exercise is the most important component for healthy body. Create an exercise routine with them,make it more exciting and fun filled for them.

Party Halls in MG Road
Healthy food will give you longevity and energy!

Healthy mind is required to enjoy the food to nourish the body, otherwise the most nutritious food would not benefit us.
Every morning as we rise we need to smile and instruct our mind to focus on good rather than struggle and crib about the bad!
We struggle,do multiple things to attain success ,so that we can be happy ,but in this process of attaining happiness we forget to live life ,miss out all the happiness ! Let’s first live the present, if we fail to do so we may never live life!
No matter what, dress up to look your best each day, when you look good ,you feel good ,and when you feel good you attract positivity ,you start looking out for good things around you.It really works!
If nothing, the compliments you get will supercharge you. We need to seriously play the role of our own image consultant.

Party Halls in MG Road
Relax and Be Peaceful!

Importance of Good Thoughts and Meditation

When we are happy we reinforce good thoughts,What we get is what we want ..The law of “UNIVERSE”!
If we let circumstances and situations rule our mind we will gradually loose ourselves. We need to achieve inner peace and satisfaction, state of Nirvana!
Meditating everyday will help you reach there.

We have to strictly follow a few rules like look at the positive side of every situation , In spite of all this our mind will tend to push us towards negativity don’t let that happen ,think of all the pleasant things ,good people in your life . Each day do something to make yourself happy and then do at least one act to make others smile that will be a booster dose! If we ourselves are not happy how can we deliver happiness to people around us! We can’t control others action but definitely we have a control on our reaction to that!

Party Halls in MG Road
Yoga is exercise for your mind and body!

Healthy Mind, Makes a Healthy Body!

Happiness is a practice, we need to follow strictly and then it becomes permanent! Invite more happiness into your life, by celebrating life’s most precious moments with friends and family. BookMyFunction can help you plan any type of gathering, from Birthdays to Wedding! Celebrate at Party Halls in MG Road to make your event a memorable one! Party Halls in MG Road offer exceptional catering, decorations and ambiance. Nothing is left to chance for you event when you celebrate at Party Halls in MG Road!

Music is the Spice of Life! Party with Rocking Music at Party Halls in Basavanagudi!

Music is the strongest form of magic!

What is Music? A pleasant sound or tunes that enhances our mood , gives immense pleasure ,or a tool to attain higher level of realization of our soul.
Yes! Music is very powerful, It can make you smile ,make you cry, make you dance ,completely take over your mind. Music connects us to our soul or two souls without any words spoken. Everyone loves music,we sing songs in glory of lord, people claim music is the key to god! Yes, I agree, also Music is the key to happier “you”! Music has the power to heal the mind and relax the body.
Party Halls in Basavanagudi
We are introduced to music as babies with lullaby sung by our mom ,that’s what I meant soothing ,healing and comforting! Basically Music is all about Love ,People who have experienced eternal Love and have passion for their life can create great music ! Music has the power to reignite love in life.
We have heard about Tansen who could light up a lamp, blossom flowers, cause rains off-season, just with his Music, magic of appropriate “raagas”!
Music has no barriers of language,religion or nation its all about connection! Music unites people. There is peace in abundance when a magical note enters heart and touches the soul through ears. Blessed are those people who can create good music,to be a fine musician you don’t need any certification from reputed university ,Music is free flowing, you just need to be unalloyed and flawless ,for that music to embrace the other soul!
Party Halls in Basavanagudi

Natural Therapy, Music!

Music is a natural antidepressant with no side effects. Music can be the best companion while you travel ,feeling lonely ,sometimes we feel lonely amidst of hundreds of people ,trust me ,Music will do wonders for you. Music will be your best companion ever!
Meditation centres and therapist play soothing music to heal the mind. In fact, we all listen to music, but never think deeply how important music is!
Music can express much more than words, words can sometimes be misinterpreted but that can never happen with Music. Guaranteed!

Music is as important as love in your life. Music has the dynamism to erase the pain and fill that space with love in your heart. It’s divine!
Not only Humans even animals and Mammals respond to music equally well.
Good Music has great impact on our souls and great souls create good music .Music has unimaginable magical vibrations .Music works like oxygen for most of us ,keeps us alive ,keeps us going .

“Where words fail, Music speaks!”

Party Halls in Basavanagudi

Fine Tune your Celebrations at Party Halls in Basavanagudi!

As we rejoice life with music in our life, let’s celebrate our life ,our special moments with pleasant music. Party Halls in Basavanagudi will electrify and excite you not only with incredible music but also with their flavorsome and heavenly food complimenting their elegant and superior ambience.
Party Halls in Basavanagudi will fine tune your celebrations,by adding foot tapping beats and make your event rocking!

Party Halls in Basavanagudi
Good Music is a combination of good instruments and good singer, just like combo of Book My Function with Party Halls in Basavanagudi Book My Function will connect you with perfect party halls to make your celebration a melody which will be remembered forever, everlasting!

Bond of Protection Between Siblings – Raksha Bandhan at Party Halls in Rajajinagar

There can be no better companion than a brother,
There can be no better friend than a sister!
As kids,all of us always craved for a sibling, specially when our friends had one!
It all starts with basic dynamics of Neighbours envy,owners pride!”, but gradually there is a huge transformation that comes in, big battle going on for attention, competition, and the list goes on, I am sure each of you reading this will agree with me…but beyond all this there is a refined, fascinating and a wonderful world of caring, sharing, standing up for each other and again the list goes on!

I still remember, so fresh in my memory how as kids ,we protected each other, supported each other , specially when we changed schools .The affection we shared, we learnt sharing ,starting from parents ,toys ,room and gradually our feelings and how we became best friends. Always assured, no matter what ,but we will not let each other down. All time partners in crime and undeniably faithful partners. The terrific protocol of the siblings bonding is only they have the right to make fun of each other and no body else can dare to ! that’s called the bonding!

Bond that’s a gift and not a rift!

Friends come and sometimes leave you, but there is absolutely no EXIT option in siblings, and that’s so wonderful. I have personally experienced the joy of having siblings , its truly amazing ,its truly a blessing from the universe . We shared common memories, and experiences and never in short of topics to laugh and gossip about , and still remember how we cried for each other and hugged each other to comfort , and even now we are there for each other when the other one is in pain, the most trusted outlet.

Still remember those nights I would sneak into my sisters blanket after watching a horror movie, horrifying her rest of the night. Its thrilling, how we planned and supported each other after doing a mess, that would annoy our parents, we would plan to accomplish our mission to smooth over. Parents want their children to get along well, share the strong bonding, it gives them a secured feeling and inner strength just like a big insurance policy, just like every other policy ,we get introduced with their hidden terms and conditions gradually giving us chills, every relation has its own set of positive and negative aspects ,we should never let the negativity to stay for long and damage the imperishable bonding with our sibling.

We need to nurture it everyday! Some days are bad, we may look mean and selfish and self centered to each other ,we need to hold on to each other despite of all the negativity, not let the colours fade away, instead add vibrant colours to your life. As we grow due to factors like higher education and other criteria, we part away, but still family strings keep us connected and bonds intact.

Those with siblings deal with depression and failures more positively, due to emotional and psychological support they render. Sibling relationship lasts a lifetime.

My Brother, My Hero!

Siblings strengthen you internally and enhance your ability to manage life.
Generally brother and sister grow up as rivals and eventually become best friends . Sister always being caring and managing things for her brother ,whereas brothers exhibiting protective attributes enduringly.

“Rakhi is a thread that binds two souls in a bond of joy forever!”

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan at Party Halls in Rajajinagar

Party Halls in Rajajinagar are harnessed to make your bond more stronger on this Raksha Bandhan. Party Halls in Rajajinagar offer exceptional food options and top notch ambiance. Party Halls in Rajajinagar have the leverage of great connectivity and fabulous options. Just like the two ends of a thread, party halls and Book My Function being the other one, that will bind you with your sibling this Raksha Bandhan in an armored everlasting bond by aiding you to celebrate the relation that you grew up with, the ones who made you!

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Party Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Bangalore is treating us with the cold weather and also love is in the air! February is the month of love, people getting geared up to plan exclusive Valentine’s Day with their special “Valentine” on Feb 14th.

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Banquet Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Every February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, prominently in the West and also in the other parts of the world. People exchange gifts, cards and many more things. Valentine’s Day is the second most popular card sending occasion after Christmas.

It’s the day of love and romance named after the Christian martyr St. Valentine. It’s from the ancient roman ritual that all started long ago. St. Valentine realizing the injustice of emperor who deprived young men of marriage for his selfish motives, decided to perform marriages in secret for the young lovers and he was sentenced to death for that.

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Banquet Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

He was the first one to send Valentine greeting to the girl he loved, before his death he wrote a letter to her signed “from your Valentine” which  has evolved as an expression of love, expression of feeling which keeps the souls connected.

Many say Love is a feeling, cannot be seen, touched, can only be felt with the heart. There’s a well-known quote saying; “Being loved by someone gives strength, whereas loving someone deeply gives courage”
Well! Some of us may think and also would say, why do people need a day to express their love or to show they are in love?

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Banquet Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Yes!!! We need it, especially in today’s scenario where everything seems so mechanical, mathematical and materialistic and couples hardly have time to hold each other’s hand. Nowadays their hands are always occupied with the keyboards of their cellphones, laptops or may be their TV remote. Aren’t we missing a lot in life?

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Banquet Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

A day like Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express ones feelings and remind the loved ones; their presence in your heart.  Life is so complete and beautiful with love, the sole ingredient of life! Everyone knows journey of life is not infinite; so while here on this gifted planet; it’s so beautiful to be celebrating the Love in one’s life.

Party Halls in Bangalore are ready for romance

Do you feel the Love! – It’s around the corner; Banquet Halls in Bangalore are getting romantic for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Party Halls in Bangalore and across the country are making plans to make your day memorable with their exotic menus. Some of the well-known banquet halls in Bangalore are getting ready for the celebration of LOVE with enchanting romantic music, food, candle light dinners and so on. Time to cherish the evening, with the ambience perfectly suitable to indulge in each other, to relive the moments, could be the first time you looked into each other’s eyes and fell in love!

For more romantic help visit to find more options to celebrate your lovely evening with your loved ones.
In advance; Happy Valentine’s to you all!

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Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have fun

Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have fun3 more days to go! This Thursday, 26th of January nation will celebrate Republic day. It has been 68 years since India became sovereign and constitution came into play. India is best known for its culture, tradition, social norms, and unity in diversity. Republic day in India is celebrated like a festival with enormous zeal and enthusiasm. The parade at Rajpath, starts with offering the garland at Amar jawan jyothi at India gate and followed by the parade. This reflects the united India despite of diversities in religion, languages, lifestyles and culture and makes every Indian feel proud. The mind-blowing parade exhibited by our army, air force and navy jawans evokes the spirit to die for the country and live with idealism and patriotism.

Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have funThis year the chief guest will be the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Since the guest is from UAE, as a mark of respect the Rajpath will be decorated with date palm plants as it is their national fruit and UAE is the world’s largest producer of dates.

Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have funDecompress at Party Halls in Bangalore

Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have funThis also means a long weekend; for the working class. Take off on Friday and you will get 4 days long weekend end. This would be an opportunity to plan for the weekend get-togethers or to celebrate a loved ones birthday. Nice way to take advantage of the long weekend. The Party Halls in Bangalore and the restaurants are best places for these types of get togethers. In case if you are throwing a mid-morning brunch or a late night dinner – look for the great deals at some of the Party Halls in Bangalore. It’s the ideal time as traffic will be relatively thinner as many people would be travelling to their hometowns or staying put at homes. Good time to book the Party Halls in Bangalore to relax and have some fun!

Great Deals at Party Halls in Bangalore! Republic Day is around the corner; time to have funFor help in searching for Party Halls in Bangalore visit

Jai Hind!

Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

 Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

Beauticians play a key role in big events – specifically they have the experience of transforming the lady into the gorgeous bride. Party Halls in Bangalore have access to the wonderful network of beauty and fashion experts. These folks can make your day; with their skills to make the bride and groom ready for the big event. The beauty and cosmetic have a wide variety of options nowadays; helping these experts to use their skills to prepare the two important persons for the day. Depending on the budget, several domestic and foreign brands are available in the market to make the girl look like a celebrity.

Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

In India women have their own ways of using several natural and branded cosmetics. In the olden days, lot of them used natural products – like mehendi and some of these products are mostly based out of turmeric powder. One of the product that is very unique and specific to the Indian tradition is the natural shampoo made out of a natural produce called Shekakai, which grows in some part of the country. This is like a natural detergent – and believed to have several medical values to keep the women hair healthy. Usually Indian women used to grow long hair and no one was usually cutting their hair; instead they used to grow them as long as possible. In olden days most beautiful women had the longest hair; and each Indian women is beautiful in their own way.

Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

OK, now the times have changed women are cutting their hair in different ways. However when it comes to marriage day; usually the hair add-ons make it long and makes it easy to decorate; if the bride does not have the long hair. The Party Halls in Bangalore and their beauticians will work hard to create the traditions based on one’s taste and the need for the day.

Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

Some of the Party Halls in Bangalore have these kinds of services packed along with rest of the services. Sometimes it works out to be more affordable to go for such packages; as the cosmetics can get very expensive for the wallets.

Beautiful Brides – beautiful work by Party Halls in Bangalore

You can visit to view the listing and view the services provided by the hardworking Party Halls in Bangalore.

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Marriages decades ago and now; and the role of Party Halls in Bangalore

During old days where most of the Indian population lived in rural parts; most marriages happened in the bride’s village, where the bride’s family executes the whole event. Usually the food items where prepared by the friends and family; for which the preparations start from several days before the big event.

Marriages decades ago and now; and the role of Party Halls in Bangalore

During my childhood; I have witnessed, where the village women are so excited and deeply involved in planning and getting ready to prepare several items on the menu. During the 3 to 4 days of the event, you can see a festive look, when you enter the cooking area; you will see several hectic activities – and the passion is palpable. The food is served by the village youngsters; usually on the banana leaves. Things have changed so much now; where you find no trace of such things.

Traditions or may be due to economic reasons; we used to see in most villages the marriage podium and the seating area used to be erected by the men of the village. Usually made up of complete greens using coconut trees, branches and mango leaves. The podium pillars beautifully wrapped with coconut tree branches. It used to be very devotional, having a fresh look and defiantly superbly beautiful.

Marriages decades ago and now; and the role of Party Halls in Bangalore

These have changed so much for several reasons – first of all no greenery exists to cut anymore; most of it is destroyed by the urbanization and lack of rainfall and no such open areas available in urban cities to set up such an environment.

Party Halls in Bangalore and their contributions

Marriages decades ago and now; and the role of Party Halls in Bangalore

Secondly most people have migrated to cities and urban parts in search of better lives. This has brought so much opportunity for the Banquet and Party Halls in Bangalore to cater to the needs of the people getting hitched.

These modern establishments have also changed the way they deck up the marriage podium, dining areas, rest of the lighting and decorations. Sky is the limit – depending on the budget the Party Halls in Bangalore can put up a show that is as good as you can imagine.

Marriages decades ago and now; and the role of Party Halls in Bangalore

And off course the food and catering itself is a big line item with huge budgets. Where food is prepared by the professional cooks and served by the uniform wearing serving staff.

All is good as the times have changed – however the old traditions are definitely hard to recreate!

So for the modern options to celebrate your next big thing event, visit

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Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in Bangalore

Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in Bangalore

The festival after the end of harvesting season for the farmers is on its way this weekend. A joyous time especially in southern parts of India. A great time for family reunions and get togethers. During this time people who have migrated to urban India go back to their parental and ancestral homes in the villages. Most of us are migrated to the cities to make a living, lot of us people have roots in our natives.

Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in Bangalore

Over the years the way this festival is celebrated has changed; in olden days it is for the farmers to take a break in the year after the long harvesting season and honor the livestock and perform several rituals to remember of older generations and elderly in the villages. Nowadays as there is so much changes in how agriculture is done; with machinery, livestock dependency has reduced to a large extent. This has considerably reduced the population of cattle in rural India, otherwise generally there was so much activities around these animals during this time. These activities have now shifted to more modern ways of having fun with family and friends; including sporting events; street plays or evening orchestra types of entertainments.Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in Bangalore

Other significance of this festival is that the auspicious time will start for the social events; the day after this festival. Days leading up to this day, people consider not so auspicious for important occasions; especially for marriages.

Good times for Party Halls in Bangalore

Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in BangaloreSo after Sankranthi people will start to plan their weddings and wedding receptions. This will help party halls in Bangalore; helping people to plan and execute their marriages and receptions. Usually auspicious days after this festival, most of the Banquet Halls in Bangalore are booked in advance. Getting ready for the busy business season for the next few months in the year will be important task for the owners of these Party halls in Bangalore.

Pongal – Sankranthi Festival next week- Good periods for Party Halls in BangaloreOn our part at we have been consolidating lot of information on great Party Halls in Bangalore; plan to visit and help yourself.

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Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?

Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?

Hmm… 2016 saw many unexpected and unusual events happening. It was a rare phenomenon where large percentage of the population didn’t anticipate or expect them to happen. First thing Brexit – people of UK voted, favoring their country to walk out of European Union. This sent big shock waves among people in Europe at large. Second big thing – Donald Trump was votes to be the next President of US – another shock. And then out of the blue Mr. Modi announced demonetization in India – sending many black money holders into deep shock. And many other events of horror including the bloodshed in Aleppo; to an unimaginable levels. Truly a game changing year in many parts of the world in different way.

Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?

However populations at large need to pick up their threads and move on with their lives; and try to make them better and better. The hope of better lives; cleaner societies, legitimate living will catalyze people to get along the lives.

Social Celebration and role of Party Halls in Bangalore

Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?

Social celebrations, get togethers with friends and family reunions are great occasions where this hope of better lives starts at a micro level. It could be a Birthday of a loved one or a much bigger event like a family member getting settled in life and getting married. WOW; thinking of this itself would rejuvenate one’s mind and heart. It is quite amazing how people in different parts of the world pick their strings and move on to have joyous moments. If I look in my surroundings the Party Halls in Bangalore are always decorated in this festive season – obviously people are celebrating; irrespective of social events around them; moving along with their lives. How nice!

Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?

2017 should be a better year for party halls in Bangalore; as things are settling with money flow seems to be getting better. Government monetary policies getting better as it is more visible for people; they will be able to plan their budgets for celebrations.

Can they help? Banquet Halls in Bangalore

Planning to celebrate an important event in 2017 – Party Halls in Bangalore, can they help?Yes off course; just walk in, most establishments are happy to see you and work with you to plan a memorable day for you and your loved ones. So go out there, explore your options, and create more memories, happy faces and laughs.

For extra bit of help visit where you can find plethora of options as per your need and requirements.

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Times are changing for the folks celebrating at the Party Halls in Bangalore

OK, are we slowly getting used to government doing some good things these days. Usually you put on the news channel, all that you hear is the chatter and loud arguments between politicians or pundits and news anchors. You just get switched off, in no time. These folks seems to be so disconnected with real people problems. However there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. We heard some good news and essential things from PM Narendra Modi – explaining how government is going to help common people.

Times are changing for the folks celebrating at the Party Halls in Bangalore.

People need cheaper home loans, car loans, need clean neighborhoods and affordable consumer prices. In the recent decade people have been left to manage on their own without much of support from government.

Times are changing for the folks celebrating at the Party Halls in Bangalore. However with growth oriented steps taken by the government; there seems, help is slowly trickling in; offering helping hand to the public. Huge support to people with lower incomes; with 3% to 4% interest rebate. And banks lowering the interest rates in general, will stimulate the housing sector.

People can buy more things with their hard earned money, and hopefully have more left to celebrate important events in their lives. In this space most effected are the Party Halls in Bangalore and in other metro cities. These type of establishments can look forward to increased activity as people get more clarity on their savings and interest costs.

Changing times for Party Halls in Bangalore and other metros.

Times are changing for the folks celebrating at the Party Halls in Bangalore.
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It is all good and the times are changing for the Party Halls in Bangalore and in the surrounding areas. We are seeing lot more people making enquiries for future celebrations and about the Banquet Halls in Bangalore. We are also seeing these Party Halls in Bangalore are willing to go extra mile to make their customers happy in these changing times and make a mark for themselves.

Buyers’ Market, Party Halls in Bangalore are looking forward to treating their customers like king.

Times are changing for the folks celebrating at the Party Halls in Bangalore. All in all it’s a buyers’ market even in this space; it’s all good news for celebrations. Make sure you do your research as there are many options to choose from.

You can visit where we have taken time to consolidate information on Party Halls in Bangalore.

Good luck! Happy Partying.

What a year 2016? Marriages! Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore

WOW – what a year – aren’t we glad 2016 is behind us. By far 2016 was not so cheerful year from several perspectives; not so sure if most people noticed it. In the recent years, most notably; this was one of the by far bloody years. Here is why – people thought holocaust will never happen; however – lakhs of people died in Syria in this year. No one seems to bother. This and several other events in the world had deep impact on how people celebrate their social events and the happy occasions.

Game Changing year for Party Halls in Bangalore

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
Cool ride …just the beginning …. 🙂

In India, amazing things have happened– one is demonetization; which, in a way changed the game for the Party Halls in Bangalore. We are so used to pay by cash – especially for social events – no one likes to keep a record or update the TAX man about our spending; we just don’t like it. From centuries and in the recent decades we have been having lots of FUN celebrating all kids of occasions – where we pay by CASH and disappear; no trace or record. Those days’ looks like are gone by or at the least getting tougher– as the thought of paying by cheque or card is still frightening for many people; or at the best can get them into trouble. The TAX man is looking over the shoulders, trying to see who is spending on what and how. All this is new for us just not our usual life style or the way we conduct ourselves in spending or amassing wealth.

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
WOW….so many people are watching us

Having said this;  unlike the west, we have our own way to figure out things – get around in doing things in our own style or in the inherited habitual ways. Evidence to this is so glaring – it would be impossible to spend close to $100 million on a wedding and get away without much of an accountability. We all know one such wedding happened in the famous Banquet Halls of Bangalore; where one of the mining baron’s daughter wedding took place. Even managing to pay all those people involved at a time where there are long lines for cash in front of ATMs and banks. Quite amazing isn’t, can be baffling for a common man or for someone from west. This is what I mean, when I say we have our own way of getting around – this is going on for decades. Rich and poor have been findings ways to get around the system to lead their lives or do things in our own usual ways.

What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
So biggggg Ladoo …..
What a year 2016? Such hard times for Party Halls in Bangalore
I am just on the TOP OF THE WORLD!!

In contrast, some elites and true intellectuals are finding their own way around this – for example recently two IAS officers from AP decided to get married with just Rs. 500. What a contrast; we truly know how to get around.  Dr Ashish Vashishta tied the knot with Saloni Sidana; both IAS officers, by paying a court fee of Rs 500. How nice, fulfilling, I bet beautiful and such a contrast.

We know how to manage, we have our own ways to celebrate in our own style – and pomp. Just unparalleled to the other parts of the world. This may be a transitioning time for the Party Halls in Bangalore; however these amazing Banquet Halls in Bangalore will find more ways to help people celebrate! Hopefully not breaking too many rules, instead continue to create more memorable moments for the people.

Visit to find more such Party Halls in Bangalore – and keep celebrating.

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10 Best Party Halls in Bangalore to invite the NEW YEAR in STYLE!

10 Best Party Halls in Bangalore to invite the NEW YEAR in STYLE!

Party Halls in Bangalore are gearing up to invite 2017. The tech city is one of the best cities to be in India to celebrate the NEW YEAR with friends and family. Banquets Halls in Bangalore flush hotels across this vast city are being readied for the new beginning and to welcome the New Year in pomp and pageantry.

Amazing Party Halls in Bangalore to consider

One such venue is Sheraton at Brigade Gateway; if you attending along with significant other; this will be a super option; comes with grand celebrations till late night on 31st along with Persian foods and beverage options. Even better if are planning to stay the night at this Hotel.

10 Best Party Halls in Bangalore to invite the NEW YEAR in STYLE!
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East of Bangalore – then consider being part of the Crown Plan amazing plans for the 31st evening – the Banquet Halls in this hotel are being decked up to invite the New Year in grand style. Music, dance floors, amazing combination of food and beverages are awaiting to get your mood to a high pitch.

If you are in north side of Bangalore – too many options to consider – several party halls in Bangalore north Hotels are spurring up for the excitement and the new beginning. You can go to Taj West End – where the Blue Bar is getting to enthrall you and your friends.

10 Best Party Halls in Bangalore to invite the NEW YEAR in STYLE!
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The Banquet Halls at Taj Vivanta Yeshawanthapur are making great plans to make this evening a joyful beginning to the 2017. If you make this venue part of your New Year celebration plans – you will sure have memories to take home.

One more great option is Le Meridian – decking up for the evening and to invite the New Year in its own style. Conveniently located, well connected, will make your trip back home easier in case.

10 Best Party Halls in Bangalore to invite the NEW YEAR in STYLE!
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Another newer and more recent options is the beautiful looking Shangri-La; party halls in this Bangalore north hotel is are being prepared for the new eve. This grand hotel can add momentum to your celebrations and add great start to your New Year.

For more options to explore and begin your new year in great fashion visit where you can find lot more options.

Happy New Year to ALL!

Demonetisation effect on Party Halls in Bangalore

Everyone has been touched in one way or the other by the Demonetisation. The same is true for the Party halls in Bangalore – where the flow of customers and their ability to spend has been restricted due to the non-availability of cash.

Demonetisation effect on Party Halls in BangaloreBanquet halls in Bangalore especially the stand alone facilities have seen the decline in their business. Banquet Halls in Bangalore rural areas are most affected. Their ability to pay to the vendors also deeply impacted. The wedding season has been surly on the receiving end.

The customers having quite a challenge in paying for some of the most important aspects of an Indian wedding i.e. jewelry and clothing. Some of the Party Halls in Bangalore have been adopting creative methods to help customers to pay for their services.

Demonetisation effect on Party Halls in BangaloreIn these times we have witnessed some of expensive weddings in the beautiful city of Bangalore. The Banquet Halls in Palace Grounds in Bangalore have been able to execute some of the extravagant weddings in the recent past.

The Banquet Halls in Bangalore doing some of extravagant weddings

Demonetisation effect on Party Halls in BangaloreWhen we drive along the Palace grounds you surely see the low activity relatively speaking these days; however once in a while you would see huge traffic jams due to some of the expensive weddings being celebrated in these vast facilities. Some of these weddings have also made news for wrong reasons. Especially the wedding of a mining baron’s daughter, supposedly spending close to the order of Rs. 500 crores. Some bright spots for the Party Halls in Bangalore during these tough times.

For customers who are having an important event to celebrate and looking for different options to evaluate visit or call us (080)30459960 to discuss options. Good part is there are several options to evaluate in this almost a buyer friendly market.

Celebrate Weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

Celebrate weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

Celebrate Weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

Weddings are one of the most important days in the life of a person. It is the entry ticket to the next chapter of life. So it is quite natural that this day needs to be memorable. The wedding arrangements need to be flawless and that is exactly what the banquet halls in Bangalore promise.Celebrate Weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

With spacious rooms and first class facilities, these beautiful venues will transform your wedding into one of the most extravagant celebrations you have ever laid eyes on. With banquet halls scattered all over the city, you will have no problem in finding one for your party.

The Groom’s Look

Celebrate Weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

Most of the weddings in Bangalore are Tamil weddings. So the attire of both the bride and the groom will be wearing their traditional wedding clothes. While the bride has an array of sarees she can choose from to wear on her wedding, the groom’s wedding attire is extremely specific. A Tamil groom needs to wear a white dhoti paired with a white shirt having a golden border. Throughout the wedding ceremony, he has to wear a turban, specifically called “Thalappa”. It is one of the most important traditions that a Tamil groom definitely needs to follow.  This is the attire that the groom should be seen wearing during the wedding ceremony at the banquet halls in Bangalore.

The Magnificent Banquet Halls in Bangalore

Celebrate Weddings at the banquet Halls in Bangalore

Here is a list of the best banquet halls in Bangalore for a proper Tamil wedding ceremony.

  1. Hosur road Keys Chamber Banquet Hall Keys Hotel
  2. Hotel Bharani residency
  3. Hotel Empire Banquet Hall
  4. Hotel Golden Gates Golden Lotus
  5. Hotel Pai Viceroy
  6. Hotel Pai Vista
  7. Golden Metro
  8. Hello Foodies Catering Services

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Banquet halls in Hyderabad near Laad Bazaar

Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur

Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur
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Bangalore is a garden city with amazing places for relaxed stay and for sightseeing…Yeshwanthpur is a well-planned locality of Bangalore. It is situated to Malleswaram north and Hebbal west. Yeshwanthpur is a township with many amusing apartments and villas with great amenities. Being home for many industrial units, the biggest agricultural market- APMC yard is located in Yeshwanthpur. Many fabulous party halls in Bangalore reside at Yeshwanthpur.

Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur

The famous ISKCON temple and ORION mall, Gopal theater, Ullas theater are located very near to Yeshwantpur. The wholesale retail store METRO is also located in Yeshwanthpur. This locality is easily accessible from Peenya, Tumkur road, BEL Road and other prominent localities of Bangalore.

Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur

Yeshwanthpur Railway station is a major Railway terminus of the city. Long distant trains to places like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad leave from Yeshwanthpur. Prestigious educational institutions, hospitals, renowned industries like BHEL, Govt Soap Factory, Mysore Lamps and Chandan Chemical Corporation are established in Yeshwanthpur. Yeshwanthpur is green with areas like Mattikere, Gokula Extension and Sundara Nagar. The water reservoir Mattikere is a nice place for evening walks and to enjoy scenic beauty.

Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur
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Party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur

There are numerous party halls in Yeshwanthpur to celebrate any occasion. The wonderful ambiance at beautiful venues makes a party great. Below is the list of fab party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur.Fabulous party halls in Bangalore at Yeshwanthpur

  1. Nectar Banquet Hall – Hotel Grand Bee
  2. Adithya Hotel
  3. Aishwarya Comfort Yeshwanthpur
  4. Bangalore Camp Hotel
  5. Hotel Marks Grandeur
  6. Lavender Holidays Yeshwanthpur
  7. Nesara Restaurant
  8. Karavalli Delux
  9. Royal Comfort
  10. Rajani Family Restaurant

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Banquet halls in Pune for weddings

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenThe city of Bangalore has elegantly combined its rich cultural heritage with industrial and technological accomplishments. In fact, this combination of modern culture and traditions has made Bangalore as one of the most happening cities in India. The city is acquiring the status of IT Capital, as well as age-old traditional art forms. The fusion of the old and the new customs, culture can be seen in most of the banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh botanical garden.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenThe Emperor of Mysore, Hyder Ali, laid down the foundation of the Lalbagh Gardens in the 18th century. Later his son Tipu Sultan completed this botanical garden. Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenTo add the wealth of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens of Bangalore, Tipu Sultan imported plants from different countries of the world, like France, Persia and Afghanistan etc.

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenThis garden boasts a rich collection of almost 1000 different species of flora. The Glass House modelled on London’s Crystal Palace is located inside the garden. The very beautiful Lalbagh botanical garden spread over an area of 2400-acre, which holds the distinctive largest collection of exotic and rare plants in India.

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenLal Bagh Rock is the other attraction of this botanical garden, which is considered to be the oldest rock formation on earth. It is believed to be 3000 million years old. Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenThe garden is beautifully decorated and designed with lotus pools, fountains, flowerbeds, and lawns. Flower shows are held every year in the Lalbagh garden, as a part of the Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations.

Banquet halls in BangaloreBanquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Banquet halls in Bangalore are ideal for wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties, reception parties, baby Shower, engagement, bachelor Party, birthday party, kitty party, sangeet,. get-together etc.

Banquet halls in Bangalore near Lalbagh Botanical GardenHotels with banquet halls in Bangalore offer packages at attractive pricing and standardized menus. The Banquet Halls in Bangalore can be searched based on seating capacity, locality and menu online at Bookmyfunction.