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10 Party Halls in Indiranagar, Bangalore

party halls in IndiranagarPartying, wow! how nice. Everyone likes to do that, is isn’t? Just having the occasion, time, enthuse to go out and have free flowing unlimited fun, would be a blessing. I still remember the party that our seniors gave us in my first year in the college, it was awesome. They took us to a local five star hotel with great party halls in Bangalore, we all ate as if we had never seen food before and danced crazy till the wee hours. Next day the hotel banquet hall manager complained to the principal, on how much mayhem we created. Those were just unforgettable days and experiences. It was a great experience to many in the class because they were new to Bangalore, and could experience the kind of fun they could have in this great city.

Banquet halls in Indiranagar

banquet halls in IndiranagarBangalore boasts of several plush neighborhoods with great party places, one such area is Indiranagar. One of the posh localities, where owning real estate is a privilege due to cost and mostly well to do population living there.  Some of the most popular branded and famous boutique restaurants are housed in Indiranagar. Celebrating anything starting from a birthday, wedding anniversary or simply partying with friends at any of the party venues in Indiranagar will be full of fun and joy. There are also several smaller birthday party halls in Indiranagar for a cozy get together for kids.

List of party halls in Indiranagar, Bangalore

List of party halls in indiranagar, BangaloreIf you are up for a more serious celebration like a wedding there are standalone marriage halls in Indiranagar that can host a memorable ceremony for you and your family. Some of the banquet halls in Indiranagar hotels can deliver a glorious function. It even gets better if you hosting a wedding reception in Indiranagar, because there are many lavish and swanky options to choose.

One more option you can evaluate is the resorts in Indiranagar area that are in driving distances toward east, west and in north Bangalore. These can be great options if you like more relaxed ambiance and you have more time to spend.

When you are exploring this, as a starter here is a small list of party halls in Indiranagar for you to take a look.

  1. Indiranagar Empire Restaurant Banquet Hall
  2. Bhagini Palace Banquet Hall
  3. Regent Banquet Hall – City Center Residency
  4. 100 Feet Boutique Restaurant
  5. 12th Avenue A Suite Hotel
  6. Barbeque Nation
  7. Indiranagar 9marksInn Kingston Banquet Hall
  8. Dream City Club & Resorts
  9. Hotel Jaypee Ltd
  10. India Gate Restaurant

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