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Marathi wedding rituals at marriage halls in Pune

Marathi wedding rituals at marriage halls in PuneMay be Marathi wedding is the simplest and the least luxurious ceremony in the whole country. Unlike other weddings, most of the rituals will be performed in the early morning.
Sakharpuda is the initial ritual ceremony, which takes place in a Marathi wedding. It can be considered as the engagement, wherein the groom’s family gives a sari and sweet to the bride.

Next is the Kelvan ceremony, which is going to be held at both the groom’s and bride’s place. It is a small kuldevta puja, followed by a meal. After this, the Halad Chadavane takes place, wherein haldi paste is applied to both the bride and groom.

Wedding RitualsMarathi wedding rituals at marriage halls in Pune

An Antarpat is used to separate the bride and groom in the wedding.  Bride’s maternal uncle will bring her to the dias, where the mangalashtaks are narrated. Then the antarpat is removed and the couple sees each other and exchange flower garlands. Next, the couple asks for permission to get married with their parents. This is known as Sankalp ceremony. After this, the bride’s parents perform Kanyadaan ritual, wherein they offer their pretty lovable daughter to the groom.

After Kanyadaan ritual, the groom ties mangalsutra to bride and applies sindoor to her forehead. In return she applies a sandalwood tilak on his forehead. The couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire by taking seven vows, which is known as Saptapadhi ritual.

Marriage halls in PuneMarathi wedding rituals at marriage halls in Pune

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