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Mandap decoration ideas at banquet halls in pune

Mandap decoration ideas at banquet halls in puneHindu traditional weddings are celebrated at a well decorated mandap. Al though the decoration of mandap varies from region to region. Mandap is primarily important to conduct rituals like tying mangalsutra and to exchange of garlands.

Apart from wedding rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies like, engagements are also conducted at mandap. If you want to decorate a wedding mandap, then here are some ideas which you can go through.

There are plenty of banquet halls in pune that are completely equipped with every detail, so that each and every ritual is performed without any difficulty.

Wedding mandap decorations ideasMandap decoration ideas at banquet halls in pune

  • The wedding mandap can be decorated in bright combinations like red, deep gold and silver to impart a traditional look.
  • Eye-catching colors like green and pink also looks good, especially when you decorate the mandap according to a chosen theme.
  • Provide a bright look to the mandap by using decorative wall hangings and flowers. Drape the flower garlands around the pillars of the canopy.
  • Flowers like roses, jasmine and marigold would impart a traditional look to your mandap. Make use of marigold and rose garlands to decorate the canopy.Mandap decoration ideas at banquet halls in pune
  • Opt for a westernized theme, if you don’t want a traditional look. Make use gold or silver netted drapes and complement it with fresh flowers like baby roses, lilies or orchid.
  • You can also use silk drapes, instead of garlands around the pillars of mandap.
  • Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the look of mandap. Illuminate the mandap with strings of yellow or blue lights.
  • You need to place a couple of chairs for the bride and the groom to sit. So choose the furniture, which suits well with the mandap decorations.

Banquet halls in Pune

Mandap decoration ideas at banquet halls in puneNow, you must have already realized how important the mandap is, to celebrate your wedding. The banquet halls in Pune for wedding will be a perfect venue to start a precious life with your partner.

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