Khan war is back Again in Bollywood

Sha Rukh Khan – King Khan of Bollywood.

Salman Khan – Handsome hunk of Bollywood.

Amir Khan – The creative actor of Bollywood.

Khan war is back Again in BollywoodThese three Khan’s are ruling Bollywood from decades. These men are like captains for Bollywood. Whatever the movie story is, if any of these actor in the movie means that movie is reasonably considered as a blockbuster. Though these khans faced many ups and downs through out their career they never losed their charisma and their platform in the industry, so these actors are like international eminent actors.

The fans of these luminaries want them to act together, but due to their pledge they didn’t act together . They showed that they are very good friends in real life in spite of rumours about their egoistic relationship.

Now the history is going to repeat 3 khan’s movies are releasing in this year, which is creating a hype all over the world. Especially among their fans and Bollywood people, So need to see which star movie is going to bust the box office .

  1. SUlTAN:

Khan war is back Again in BollywoodYash raj films presenting SULTAN movie starred by Salman Khan and bubbly Anuska Sharma. Story based on a wrestler’s life who has facing problems in personal and professional life. Accordingly Salman is playing a dual role in this film as father and  a son . There is an awaiting scene in this movie where Anushka and Salman fight against each other. The movie is expecting to be release during Eid 2016.


fanShah Rukh Khan starring in two movies this year one is Fan and other is Raees .FAN is a movie based on the story of an intensive fan of a superstar who is willing to meet his idol star . Here superstar Shah Ruhk is playing as fan role for which he turned himself to look like a common man. This film is scheduled to be release on 15 April 2016.

raeesA crime thriller movie Raees is co-starring by Nawazuddin Siddique and Mahira Khan to Shah Rukh Khan where SRK is playing a whisky peddler business man whose business is going to caught and banned by a super cop, accordingly this is a real life story based film, scheduled to be release on 8 July 2016. Have to see which of these movie is going bring a win to Badshah.

  1. Dangal

Khan war is back Again in BollywoodDangal is an Amir’s self- production movie. This film is a real life story of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, who is a father of Geetha Phogat, a first Indian woman to win gold medal in 2010 common wealth and Babita Phogat, a silver medal winner. Amir khan is playing Mahavir Singh’s role in this film. The film is expecting to be release around Christmas.

So in 2016 Bollywood is expecting a Khan war, Bollywood devotees are awaiting to see who is going to crack the box office, so sit calm and wait until end of the year to see the winner.

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