Virat Kohli vs Chris Gayle

It is Virat Kohli vs Chris Gayle – India vs West Indies

Virat Kohli vs Chris GayleOn March 31, 2016, Nature will be at its best with its monstorous actions between tornado (Virat Kohli) and gale (Chris Gayle), at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. For West Indies, Kohli’s consistency with churning out runs will be the fear factor, while India has to stop the Gayle storm of bowling and batting show.

Virat Kohli vs Chris GayleBoth the players have been incredible in their respective roles in the t20 world cup 2016 matches, played so far. Earlier Chris Gayle and Kohli have shared the dressing room and Gayle has played under the Virat captaincy for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Hence Gayle is well-guarded off Kohli’s strategies.

Virat Kohli vs Chris GayleThe nerve-wracking play against Australia by India’s Kohli, has certainly left West India spell bound but no one can deny the splendid performance of Gayle on 100 out of 51 balls, and the quick wickets taken against South Africa; remember the dance! If you speak about lady love then for Kohli, Anushka Sharma rightly stabilized his life when he was coming up in his career and now his performance is all time booming!

Virat Kohli vs Chris GayleBut, t20 spectators are well-informed of India’s batting line; especially Kohli and Dhoni’s parternership. Indian batsmen have played very well under pressure. Kohli’s vivacities comes to limelight with the audience cheer and adulations, too! And Mumbai audience are thunderous cheerers! Now, forget MSD and Kohli running between wickets with best partnership, there is a viral taking the form of storm and that’s the best selfie partnership between Ziva Dhoni with Virat Kohli – Chek this out —

Virat Kohli A calm moment before the Storm!

Weather in Mumbai – Wankhede Stadium on March 31, 2016

Virat Kohli vs Chris GayleIndia vs West Indies in the semi-finals will be an ultimate entertainment. With heat of suspense rising up every moment, it will burst out into strong tornadoes and gale in Wankhede stadium on March 31,2016. Stay safe people!

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