Indian bridal makeup tips

Indian bridal makeup tips and lots more!

Indian bridal makeup tips Every bride dreams of her wedlock day and wants to be at her outstanding appearance on that day. Bridal make up is an important factor of bridal dressing. Along with the bright jewelry and a dazzling wedding dress, if the makeup and the hair do are inappropriate then their beauty is also ruined. So it’s really necessary to know about the proper bridal makeup that would suit the bride’s skin tone and taste.

Indian bridal makeup tips Bridal make up can correct any marks or imperfection that the bride may have in her face. Though Indian bridal makeup is bit impressive with gold and red tone predominating, the makeup should naturally magnify the radiance of the bride.

Face Makeup Tips:

Indian bridal makeup tips Choose the right foundation shade. Before that, remember your skin tends to become dry during winter. Also, since you will be spending an extreme part of your wedding day in daylight, so make sure to check the foundation in natural light.

While the foundation will cover the marks and blemishes, a concealer is still a bridal beauty required to get rid of any redundant marks and especially to hide dark circles. To appear flawless in pictures, blush is mandatory. Use proper brush to blend the colour on your cheeks fluently.

Eye Makeup Tips:

Indian bridal makeup tipsTo go ahead your eye makeup, apply a light eye shadow base. Once you set up the base, move on with applying an eye shadow color of your choice. Make sure that the eye color matches your attire. Line your pretty eyes with a gel-based liner, as it lasts for 12 hours. Mascara is must for lashes that look luscious and stunning. Always apply water-proof and smudge-proof Mascara.

 Lip Makeup Tips:

Indian bridal makeup tips Both lipstick and lip gloss are sure to look equally nice. Line your lips with the sensational lip liner in a shade that matches your lip color to keep your lipstick/gloss in place.

Make sure the lipstick matches your costume. In case if you have thin lips, avoid using a lip liner to outline and just color them. Apply lip gloss towards the center to glow your lips. Pinks corals and reds are the most familiar shades but you can also try beiges and browns shades if it suits your face.

Hairstyle Tips:

Indian bridal makeup tips Your hairstyle represents your overall look. Hence make sure you try out different hairstyles weeks or two before your wedding day. Decorate it with clips, tiaras and bands for that extra impressive look.

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