God could not be everywhere so he invented mothers!

Mother’s love is super-magical and has the power to make an individual.

Being a mother is a big responsibility that gives immense pleasure and gives sense of satisfaction, and achievement. Mothers love need not be earned unlike other relationships its natural. It starts right from the time life begins to grow in her womb to those tears that trickle down when while she holds her baby for the first time and the promise she makes to herself and the child that she will be a good mother! The bond that remains unchanged by the time.

Women give their best selves being a mother. Mother’s love is the purest form of love, it is unconditional. Influence of a mother on her child is very powerful .Mother disciplines the child, gives values, teaches the child to love and respect others.

Mothers are the biggest contributors to the humankind. We as mothers bring life on this planet, nurture them the best and make them the right human being and enable them to face the challenges of the world.

Mother’s love is so selfless; from the gentle touch to the warmth that remains eternal. Every mother wants her child to be safe and happy. She takes without exception the dark circles after the sleepless nights, all the toddler tantrums to the teenage angst with earnestness and vivacity. Describing a mother’s love is next to impossible virtually.

I still remember how as a kid when questioned by my teacher; what would I want to be when I grow up? So innocently and proudly I had answered that I want to be like “my mom!” That still brings a smile on my face.

Being a mother is an all-time job. We as mothers are never alone in our thoughts. It is all banded together with our child. Right from the morning cuddling on the bed, feeding them the best, sending them to school and while they share their exciting stories when they are back from school till we kiss them on their forehead and put them to bed and all this with the same energy and a SMILE ! No matter however tiring the day was for her that becomes negligible.

Mothers are the one who are always with their child while they are happy, sad and upset. When they feel defeated, mothers are like pillars standing up to strengthen them, protect them and give all the sunshine in their life to lighten up their life and give the warmth they need.

As a kid, I always felt my mom is a supermom. She can dissolve all my troubles. In my teens, I found her irritating at times, while in my twenties, I knew she loved me and wanted to give her all the love she deserves and now myself being a mom, I really know what she is to me!  This feeling fills my eyes with tears and gratitude. I want to give her all the love she deserves rightfully because the fact is what “I am” is a gift from her! And all that she needs is “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” that she bestowed me with.

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