Celebrate Heavenly Married Life at Party Halls in Yelahanka!

Marriages are made in heaven! This is one of the most common epigram we grew up with and in reality inferred the depth of it once we ourselves got drenched in this showers of marriage. Sometimes soothing and beautiful, and at times with lightning and thunders!

Game of Truth & Dare!

Marriage! It’s a reality check, can be either ways, WAS THIS made in heaven? Or THIS WAS made in heaven WOW!! It’s up to you where you want to fit in, or sometimes destiny plays a big role here…

Party Halls in Yelahanka


Every girl has lot of dreams about her marriage and her life partner, well that’s the case with every man too! Marriage is just like a dish visible in the recipe book, looks extremely attractive, seductive, but dear friends, the game starts once you start cooking it, try to replicate it, you play with the ingredients, you get the taste of it!

In arranged marriages both are as good as aliens to one another. Connecting with each other takes oodles of tough grind! And sometimes it fails in spite of all the hard work, so let’s focus on positive aspects!

Well, we Indian women are trained and drilled to adjust and compromise with all the negatives, inherently it gets transformed as our ambition in life to be a very good wife, daughter in law, too many designations!!

Marriage is undoubtedly beautiful fundamentally. It’s such a wonderful and marvelous theory. There is no perfect marriage so don’t get locked up with negativity. It starts as strangers and gradually fall in love each day that keeps growing, and end up being each other’s world. It’s amazing!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Growing Together, a Gift From the Universe!

A happy marriage is not based on the number of days, months or years been together, a happy marriage is about how much you love each other everyday!
This process will have lots of ups & downs, while we struggle to understand each other’s likes and dislikes. We try to show our best to each other and impress initially and gradually that will lead us to being depressed! We need to gather ourselves and not give up and keep experimenting. If we are lucky it just clicks, the connection is strong, intact shatterproof.
There are few key ingredients that adds up to strengthening of the bond, like mutual respect ,and appreciating each other, specially women love to be complimented and appreciated!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Gratitude is the Best Attitude!

Life partner is someone who loves, understands and cherishes you more than anyone else. Choose to show gratitude and thank each other for making life more meaningful and beautiful.it works like magic! Women want their husbands to listen to them, It’s not about solving the problem, but it’s about listening. Just like electronic gadgets we need to charge our relationship keep inducing love, romance, faith and trust in it regularly. There are two most important factors FAITH AND FORGIVENESS, marriage will not work without both!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

When a husband puts his wife first, above everyone & everything except god, it gives his wife the sense of security and honour that every wife hungers for!
Marriage is a promise you make to prioritize each other, and one should honour that. Communicate with each other transparently whether you both agree upon something or not is secondary! In fact words don’t kill the relationship, it’s the silence after the words are said kills it, don’t let that silence prolong and grow like cancer in your body and kill your healthy relationship.
In order to keep the love ignited and live happily learn to accept your spouse the way they are, I know its not easy sometimes just impossible. But for all this to work the core ingredient is make the right choice! Marry the right person, let’s be factual!

Party Halls in Yelahanka

Celebrate Your Marriage at Party Halls in Yelahanka

Celebrate your togetherness with Party Halls in Yelahanka that will aid you to reignite love in your life, Party Halls in Yelahanka will avail you with food loaded with love and delight, and the ambiance will stimulate you to recollect your honeymoon days!
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