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Good health and a Fit Body is God’s Gift!

Healthy body is Gods gift but trying to maintain it is our gift to God!
A great way to say thanks to universe for the wonderful life!
In todays lifestyle we play multiple roles and it leaves us fatigued and stressed. To stay healthy, eating healthy is the main mantra! Eating healthy not only keeps our body fit but our brain as well. Being physically and mentally fit is most required to lead a quality life.

Party Halls in MG Road
Homegrown Vegetables are Free of Pesticides, and will nourish you from the inside!

Awareness, is the first step, we should know what we are feeding our body with. We have to be role models to our kids, by eating healthy, and inspiring them to do so, we create a healthier tomorrow! There has been an alarming rise in obesity in school going children and teens. We as parents need to encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities, get involved with them. Exercise is the most important component for healthy body. Create an exercise routine with them,make it more exciting and fun filled for them.

Party Halls in MG Road
Healthy food will give you longevity and energy!

Healthy mind is required to enjoy the food to nourish the body, otherwise the most nutritious food would not benefit us.
Every morning as we rise we need to smile and instruct our mind to focus on good rather than struggle and crib about the bad!
We struggle,do multiple things to attain success ,so that we can be happy ,but in this process of attaining happiness we forget to live life ,miss out all the happiness ! Let’s first live the present, if we fail to do so we may never live life!
No matter what, dress up to look your best each day, when you look good ,you feel good ,and when you feel good you attract positivity ,you start looking out for good things around you.It really works!
If nothing, the compliments you get will supercharge you. We need to seriously play the role of our own image consultant.

Party Halls in MG Road
Relax and Be Peaceful!

Importance of Good Thoughts and Meditation

When we are happy we reinforce good thoughts,What we get is what we want ..The law of “UNIVERSE”!
If we let circumstances and situations rule our mind we will gradually loose ourselves. We need to achieve inner peace and satisfaction, state of Nirvana!
Meditating everyday will help you reach there.

We have to strictly follow a few rules like look at the positive side of every situation , In spite of all this our mind will tend to push us towards negativity don’t let that happen ,think of all the pleasant things ,good people in your life . Each day do something to make yourself happy and then do at least one act to make others smile that will be a booster dose! If we ourselves are not happy how can we deliver happiness to people around us! We can’t control others action but definitely we have a control on our reaction to that!

Party Halls in MG Road
Yoga is exercise for your mind and body!

Healthy Mind, Makes a Healthy Body!

Happiness is a practice, we need to follow strictly and then it becomes permanent! Invite more happiness into your life, by celebrating life’s most precious moments with friends and family. BookMyFunction can help you plan any type of gathering, from Birthdays to Wedding! Celebrate at Party Halls in MG Road to make your event a memorable one! Party Halls in MG Road offer exceptional catering, decorations and ambiance. Nothing is left to chance for you event when you celebrate at Party Halls in MG Road!

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