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Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Happy 71st Independence Day, Let’s Celebrate our Freedom at Party Halls in Electronic City!

“Freedom requires that you discover your own vision, inner language, your own life rules, your own vision!”

As we celebrate 70 years of freedom as a nation, we must ponder as to whether we know what this freedom is, and if we are leading our life with freedom!
Freedom! Sounds good and positive! Each one of us have our own definition and concept of freedom.
It’s basically the choice we make in life, our decision making, to be more relevant, it’s directly proportional to our society!

Freedom has a broad spectrum, as kids we heard our parents saying that we have been given the complete freedom, as we grew older, we heard it more often.
But let us be factual and candid, does our society actually gives us the freedom to live?
Freedom is like oxygen of the soul!

Freedom has many ingredients like freedom of thought, freedom to live the way you want to, freedom of soul, and many more…Freedom is also how we react to counteractions of the society.
Let us inquest ourselves, are we giving people around us the freedom they rightfully deserve by not being judgemental about others choice. I strongly believe, the root cause of all the dilemma , and botheration in one’s life, making it more complicated is none other than the society factor.

This independence day let us take an oath, to give people around us the complete freedom, in true sense!
There are two forms of Freedom, one that people around give us and the other one, more significant, is the one we have to gift ourselves with by not dwelling on negativities!
We get caught up with negativities, negative people around us that piles up and we unintentionally get tangled up, make life miserable.

Party Halls in Electronic City

We need to break open that shell and live!
Live a positive life, life with Freedom, free from fear of life, lead a free-flowing life.
Our constitution gives us the freedom of speech, but practically, we sometimes, contaminate others life with our wrong words, let us use our speech and words to heal …not give bruise to others. Let us be more responsible with our Freedom element!

Party Halls in Electronic City

Significance of August 15th

On August 15th, we celebrate our 70 years of freedom that we got after plentiful years of struggle, that’s inestimable!
Independence day is not just about celebrating our freedom, there is lot more to it, let us implement it in a distinctive way this year.
It’s a day to say thank you to our freedom fighters and our soldiers protecting our motherland.

We need to inspire our younger generations to be a responsible citizen, add on to the glory of our nation, strive to create a better tomorrow!
Our younger generation have to understand the sacrifice our soldiers make to safeguard us, to give us a peaceful life.
Every soldier is a truly a hero!

Celebrate Independence Day at Party Halls in Electronic City

Let us celebrate freedom in our life with Party Halls in Electronic City, which will provide all the necessary amenities! Delicious catering, exquisite decoration, and wonderful staff are available at all Party Halls in Electronic City. On this August 15th, say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai!” and celebrate our independence at Party Halls in Electronic City!

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