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Party halls and banquet halls in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the cultural heart of Gujarat State is set beautiful on the bank of river Sabarmati. The city is named after a medieval ruler of Gujarat called Ahmed Shah who is the founder of the city. Ahmedabad known as textile city of India is the ultimate hub of trade and commerce of Gujarat. With stunning historical and architectural grandeur, the city has evolved as one of the top modern cities of India. The city has rich diversity, ethnic traditions and religious communities with good party halls in Ahmedabad.

Weather in Ahmedabad

The Arabian Sea influences the climate of Ahmedabad. Weather in Ahmedabad is characterized by three main seasons that includes summer, monsoon and winter. March month being the driest and August being the wettest, other months from June to August is the best time to visit the largest capital city of Gujarat where the nature is at its best as the monsoon sets creating breath taking vistas amidst green surroundings with party halls in Ahmedabad or banquet halls in Ahmedabad.

Banquet halls in Ahmedabad

Luxurious interiors and welcoming exteriors, event themed extravaganza, seasonal flower decorations, fine fabrics for interior curtains and props, vibrant colourful imaginations and creations – banquet halls in Ahmedabad has all. Every event is a story teller at party halls in Ahmedabad. Perfect event space for large to small gatherings for every type of event functions, beautiful seating arrangements, elegant dining space, rejuvenating ambience and many other characteristics are built within every banquet halls in Ahmedabad. Your guests can have their destination holiday as well as take part in your event celebrations. Thus, you are giving a memorable gift for your guests by celebrating your events in the party halls in Ahmedabad in best locales. Ahmedabadis, will serve great cuisines of authentic aroma as well as multi cuisines of international standards that invites people both in and out of India.

Banquet halls in Ahmedabad are not only architecturally beautiful but also hosts elegant rooms with advanced amenities for comfortable stay of you and your guests celebrating the event. Many hotels in are attached with unique banquet halls in Ahmadabad and party halls in Ahmadabad for the events that easily transform to the theme and comforts of celebrations, leaving you relaxed and enjoying the event proceedings. From welcome drink to creative desserts and send off – every details of the event are proceeded step by step placing fond memories of the event fresh in your mind. Free wi-fi, plush luxury, fine entertainment with music and dance that are both traditional and bollywood or Hollywood style – you can never ask for more! All these with destination tour of Ahmedabad for you and your guests are hosted by hotels in Ahmadabad, party halls in Ahmadabad and banquet halls in Ahmadabad with best affordable packages and get great discounts when you celebrate your events in splendid banquet halls in Ahmedabad .

Important places to visit in Ahmedabad – the Manchester of the East

The Calico Museum of Textile is a collection of distinctive and comprehensive textiles and artifacts. Sabarmati kesanth tune karrdiyakamaal – the famous Sabarmati Ashram preserves the history of Gandhi became one of the main centers of Indian freedom struggle. Set amidst green landscapes on the banks of Sabarmati river, the Ashram is with a mission to bring together group of workers committed to non-violence. SwaminarayanAkshardham temple in Ghandhinagar is the epitome of spirituality and architectural magnificence. It measures 240 feet in length, 131 feet in width and 108 feet in height. The peace and relaxation you will find amidst busy life – Akshardham temple is for you! There are many party halls in Ahmadabad or party halls in Ahmadabad near Akshardham temple that hosts luxurious celebrations with best affordable budget for every type of event.

Kankaria Lake is the pedestrianized urban space in East Ahmedabad that is truly a destination for rejuvenation loaded with nature activities, kids' activities and other leisure activities. The Jama Masjid or the Friday mosque as it is famously known as, is built with beautiful yellow stones and draws more than thousands of visitors every year. One can select party halls in Ahmadabad near Kankaria Lake for birthday parties to entertain the kids to the activities near the lake for kids.

One of the popular universities in Ahmedabad is the Nirma University that hosts many streams of education. Every year more than thousands of students enroll for admission to this university and have come out successful in their career.

The SardarVallabhbhai Patel International Airport serves the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The Airport is located in central Ahmedabad. It is easily accessible by every other banquet halls in Ahmedabad or party halls in Ahmedabad or wedding halls in Ahmedabad in the best locations

Famous people from Ahmedabad

Mahatma Gandhi launched the famous Salt March to Dandi from 12th March to 6th April from Ahmedabad to Dandi, Gujarat to make salt himself. The dynamic, decisive and development oriented leader Sri NarendarModi emerged as the Prime Minister of India.

In Ahmedabad, Sri NarendraModi renewed his acquaintance with Inamdar, who was based at HedgewarBhavan (RSS headquarters) in the city. After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, he stopped working for his uncle and became a full-time pracharak (campaigner) for the RSS. In 1978, Modi became an RSS SambhaagPracharak (regional organiser), and received a degree in Political Science after a distance-education course from Delhi University. Five years later, he received a Master of Arts degree in political science from Gujarat University.

DirubhaiAmbani founded the DhirubhaiAmbani Institute of Information and Communication Technology where many of the students have set strong path in their career.

Why Marriage halls or banquet halls in Ahmedabad can be your destination Wedding?

Marriage is the most happening one-time event in everyone's life. And this event has to bring long lasting cherishing moments. banquet halls in Ahmedabad would be certainly one of the destination wedding that one might plan for this event. First, there are many wedding halls in Ahmedabad that are set amidst breath taking vistas and best locations within city. Secondly, the banquet halls in Ahmedabad are with architectural magnificence inspired by historical significance and Gujarati tradition and culture. Third, the wedding halls in Ahmedabad come up with luxurious event celebrations in best affordable budget. The decorations are with fine sequins and embellishments on fine fabrics, seasonal flowers and intricate carvings. Beautiful artifacts are main theme of the interiors. From welcoming the guests to sending them back home with unique gifts and fond memories of the wedding event – the marriage halls in Ahmedabad have always given impeccable service. Advanced amenities, vast event space, relaxed ambience amidst colorful interiors and all with best budget marriage halls in Ahmedabad – you can never ask for more!

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